Classic asp crib sheet

Tips for improving the performance of your ASP application (these tips were originally on msdn, but don't appear to be there now).

  • Do Not Cache Database Connections in the Application or Session Objects
  • Using the Session Object Wisely
  • Acquire Resources Late, Release Early
  • Use Option Explicit
  • Use Local Variables in Subroutines and Functions
  • Copy Frequently-Used Data to Script Variables
  • Avoid Redimensioning Arrays
  • Use Response Buffering
  • Batch Inline Script and Response.Write Statements
  • Use Response.IsClientConnected Before Embarking on Long Trips
  • Instantiate Objects Using the Tag
  • Declarations for ADO and Other Components
  • Take Advantage of Your Browser's Validation Abilities
  • Avoid String Concatenation in Loops
  • Enable Browser and Proxy Caching
  • Use Server.Transfer Instead of Response.Redirect Whenever Possible
  • Use Trailing Slashes in Directory URLs
  • Avoid Using Server Variables
We have the original article if you would like to read it.
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