broken emails in outlook 2007

So you test in all the webmail clients in all the browsers and you have no real problems, you test in Outlook Express, Outlook 2003, Thunderbird, Opera and Eudora (which is quite a pain in its own right). Everything is going swimmingly.

Then you test in Outlook 2007.

Broken! Images are literally being torn in half. This isn't even possible. In outlook 2007 anything is possible. Or more specifically anything is possible in Word 2007. You see Outlook now uses the Word rendering engine for all its html content. So just because it works in IE doesn't mean its going to work in Outlook. The tearing in half of images appears to coincide rather too neatly with A4 page breaks in Word.

How did we fix this problem? We re-wrote Outlook 2007 to use a more sensible rendering engine for html content then emailed all Outlook 2007 users to upgrade their version. Then we clicked our heels together and everything was back to normal. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a fix for this at the moment, so the answer is to build html emails that will break gracefully after about 800 pixels (vertically).

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