installing perl on win2003 64 bit

I recently tried installing the 32bit version of Perl on a windows 2003 64 bit server so that we could put awstats on one of the sites running on that box.

The Perl installer wizard ran all the way through without any apparent hitch, so I downloaded awstats and configured that correctly, then ran the command line update to process the first set of log files.

So far so good.

Then i went to look at the through a browser.....404.

Oh dear.

Went into IIS, no web service extension had been added for perl, and in the configuration for the website itself there was no script mapping for .pl files. Checked the environment variable for the server itself and perl was missing from that even though the installer had been told to add them.

So the installer thought it had done it, but actually it hadn't.

I tried manually adding the webservice extension and the script mapping, but to no avail - I was pretty sure i had done it right as i copied everything from another server on which Perl was working. But still nothing.

Only one course of action remained, uninstall and start again.

This time i opted for the 64bit version of Perl (i.e. the most current release at the time of writing).

Ran the installer, and still no joy, so either there is something wrong with the installer and iis6 or having the previous version of perl on the machine then removing it intefered somehow. This time the environment variables had been set up, and the cgi web service extension had been created (though it need allowing). But the ISAPI web service extension hadn't been created, and nor had the .pl file association. I therefore created the ISAPI extension and allowed it and then manually added the .pl file extension to the website that need to run awstats.

Incidentally, the .pl file extension had been added to the generic website properties, but not to the specific website that we wanted to put awstats on.

The short answer to installing Perl on windows server 2003 standard 64 edition (in our case) was:

  1. Run the installer
  2. Manually create the ISAPI extension (which meant adding C:\Perl64\bin\perl510.dll)
  3. Manually create the Perl application extension for the website in question (which meant adding C:\Perl64\bin\perl.exe "%s" %s, limited to GET,HEAD, POST )

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