case studies:

PG gardens

PG gardens

Paul was trying to get his garden landscaping/maintenance business off the ground, primarily by doing leaflet drops. He had no branding and a limited budget.

We put a small site together for him and created a logo: the design spec was brief: "My van is dark blue. It needs to look good on there".

In fact, Paul thought it looked so good on his van, he had it put on his workwear too.

The next step was to set up a GoogleAd campaign, targeted by area to ensure the ads only attracted clicks from people within the geographical area in which Paul operates. He's since won several sizeable contracts as a direct result of the ads.

In March 2008, Paul expressed an interest in selling gardening related products online. His site was therefore upgraded to SynchroMesh Retailer and his ad campaign adjusted accordingly.

An erstwhile technophobe, Paul now updates his own website and has developed such a taste for ecommerce that he is about to launch a second ecommerce site specialising in wind chimes.

Paul says:

"Cosnetics have been invaluable in creating professional branding for my business. Their knowledge and expertise in online marketing has resulted in my workload doubling. Problems and queries have been dealt with promptly helping to maintain an excellent service."

Paul Hicks
P&G Gardens of Sunninghill