case studies:

virgin money giving

Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving contacted us in the hope of resolving some issues they had ran into whilst implementing a customised SugarCRM system. We responded in a very much "hands on" manner, attending their offices to provide on-site consultancy, during which we:

  • Reviewed their design, architecture and implementation techniques to ensure they were on the right track
  • Undertook pair programming with their development team to help resolve specific issues they had ran into
  • Discussed and advised them on their plans for source control, hosting and deployment of the system

Following on from this initial consultancy, we were invited back to undertake additional work for Virgin Money Giving. They had the need to integrate their CRM system with an existing financial web application written in Java: we provided a solution via the development of an extension to the built in SOAP functionality of Sugar. This permitted the remote system to not only access the full data model of Sugar (including all of their customisations) but to access this functionality in a controlled and fully audited fashion.