sugarcrm implementation


We have provided bespoke SugarCRM services to a major blue chip and a national charity, as well as a variety of SMEs. Those services by and large fall into these categories:

Installation, configuration, migration and support

Ensuring a seamless transition from existing systems to a high-availability installation of SugarCRM


Altering and extending the the underlying data model and work-flow, ensuring that Sugar fits into your business model - not the other way around. Find out what we did for Virgin Money Giving.

Bespoke applications

Taking a stable open-source product as the foundation, we can build entirely bespoke systems in order to solve virtually any business data flow problem. Find out what we did for the Retired Greyhound Trust.

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SugarCRM is one of the worlds leading software products for delivering Customer Relationship Management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Sugar is mature open-source product that is maintained via a supporting commercial entity that ensures improvements and enhancements are continually fed back into the underlying software. The commercial operation has been operating since 2004 and has recently received $20 million in VC funding to ensure continuing development of the product.